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Welcome to ALL FIX EPOXY PUTTY... Introducing... All-Fix ... the two part amazing all purpose epoxy putty repair material. Your imagination is the only limit when it comes to the number of uses for All-Fix. This wonder material will patch holes, chips, cracks, seals & plugs leaks even underwater ! All-Fix works wonders rebuilding, fixing, restoring, bonding or creating just about anything. It can be shaped by hand or with modeling tools, sanded, smoothed to feather edge, ground, carved, drilled, tap threaded, painted, tinted ... the cured material will not break apart or loose its shape. All-Fix serves so many purposes it eliminates the need for many other products that clutter your workspace ! The indefinite shelf life makes this product a favorite of professionals and hobbyists alike. "There are as many ways to use this product as there are people needing solutions" ..... Home, Auto, Boat, Plumbing, Drain & Soil Pipe Repair, Pool, Pond, Tank, Underwater Repairs, Arts & Crafts, Hobbies, Antique Restoration, Porcelain & Ceramic, Repair, Sculpting, Figurines, Casting, Model & Mold Making, Toy & Doll Repair, Furniture Repair & Restoration, Wood Work & Rot Repair, Carpentry, Fine Detail Work & Modeling, Model & Hobby, Cement , Concrete, Tub, Tile & Grout Repair.....& 1001 Other Uses !!! Waterproof 0% Shrinkage Non-Sag Permanent Safe Paintable Tintable Rock Hard Cure Even Cures Underwater No Odor Product Information Color : All Fix material is a pale gray color, but can be tinted or painted to an infinite number of colors Consistency : All Fix Epoxy is easily workable like clay or putty. Material is easily textured, smoothed and blended to a feather edge ! Working Time: Approximate working time of a 4 oz. mass mixed very well is roughly 1.5 hours, with lesser degrees of workability out to 4-5 hours. Full rock hard cure in 24 hours @ 70 degrees F. Mixing: MIX EQUAL PARTS OF BOTH PART A & PART B. IT IS USUALLY BEST TO MIX JUST ENOUGH MATERIAL THAT YOU CAN EASILY WORK IN YOUR HANDS. Mix & knead both parts together, twist, fold and manipulate material for several minutes. You may feel material slightly warm as it is mixed. You can not over mix so be sure to mix very very well ! The more the material is mixed the better it will work ! Use a bit of water to eliminate any sticking or tack issues while mixing. Water also works very well for smoothing material during application. Material hardens through a chemical process that will occur under all circumstances: in or under water, in a vacuum , under ground ..or wherever mixed thoroughly. Please be sure to remember this material must be mixed very well in order to achieve a full rock hard cure. Coloring & Tinting All Fix Epoxy : A wonder quality of the All Fix Product is this unique material is specially formulated and may be tinted to an infinite number of shades by mixing latex or acrylic hobby paints as well as just about any other tinting medium. Simply add tint or a small amount of paint while mixing material. The paint and or pigments will bond to the special fillers in the material and will blend to a uniform color. You may want to experiment to determine what colors and technique will best work with your application. Tinting & coloring of material will not effect material working or cure time as well its qualities. material may be painted wet or dry in either its cured or uncured states. Storage & Shelf Life : When not in use keep containers sealed at room temperature. Material has very long shelf life of 5 + years. Adhesion : One of the outstanding qualities of this product is that it will stick to just about anything ! Material is ideal for wet or damp areas and will even cure under water !

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